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Benjamin versus the volcano

The New Wines of Mount Etna. An Insider’s Guide to the History and Rebirth of a Wine Region by Benjamin North Spencer

About the author:

Benjamin North Spencer has been battling lava since 2012 when he moved to Etna. Now he is sharing his experiences and knowledge in this great book on the wines of Etna.

Etna wine

He’s an upstate New York guy, who might have been destined to be a White Zinfandel aficionado. Thank God he was saved by the volcano and spellbound by the fantastic wines of Etna.

When I first met him he was a wine writer, a somm, a former wanna be winemaker among other things, aka a winelover. Today he runs the Etna Wine School together with Nadine (who comes from Sicily and moved there with him) and now he is once again communicating wine with a pen.

My wiew of Etna:

I’ve had the privilege to visit Siciliy and Etna on several occasions. It was love at first sight, regarding the volcano as well as the wines. There is something special about walking on a volcano. You can feel the rock itself, as if it is alive, there is a kind of changeability that accommodates both barrenness and life. It makes you feel like living on the edge.

Did I tell you that love Etna and Etna wines! I do, I do, I do…


Etna wine, the wine producers, the grapes and much, much more:

Benjamin invite´you to meet the Benantis, Foti, the Calabrettas, Franchetti, Cornelissen, de Grazia, the Biondis, Graci and many others that make wine wines from slopes of Etna.

In this book you’ll find the history of Etna wine and the producers. It is the story that goes beyond living on the edge. They (the wine makers) make wine on a living volcano. A volcano that still do erupt and cast hot molten lava and fissure into the air and down on the vineyards. This is a blessing and on occasion a distaster for the vineyards. On one hand it continually changes the conditions in the vineyards, this is a big part of what gives Etna it’s unique terrior. It can also destroy a vineyard for years to come, like the one below.

A Vineyard at Etna scorched by lava
A Vineyard at Etna scorched by lava

Benjamin gives you the insights of Etna wine making and the story of the best and most well known grapes on Etna like: Zu’ Matteo, Terribile, Minella Bianca and Madama Nera.

Well, they maybe not be the best, but they are part of Etna wine. You will see that Etna is much more than the usual suspects: Carricante, Catarratto, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio. The four grapes that most of us know and love. Grapes that has brought the attention of the wine world to Etna.

Nerello cappuccio

In this book your wine lingo will expand. I can see lots of occasions to toss around words like pistamutta, alberelli, vinazzu or palmenti rupestre.  At least you will know them and know what they means. You’ll also learn that baked earth has nothing to do with weed, it’s far more archaeological.

History is a very important part of Etna and this book. Our ciceron is helped by Blu (a dog, there seems to be one at every winery) to find our way through the time of the Greeks, the Romans, the Vandals & Goths and other Etna visitors. Visitors that over time have left pieces that led up to what we know as Etna rosso and bianco. Then came the winelovers and the rest really is history!

Etna Sicily
A winery dog, in a vineyard at Etna, though not Blu!

Etna is a spectacular and very special place and so are the wines made here. This is also a special book that is a necessity for every one that loves wine! This is also a great book if you want to discover Etna and it’s history as a wine region. It will help you to understand the concept of volcanic wine. Tag along and become an Etnalover!

How to get the book:

Get your hands on The New Wines of Mount Etna. An Insider’s Guide to the History and Rebirth of a Wine Region. It’s personal, it’s filled with in-depth knowledge on Etna, anecdotes and it is an over all a very fun and good read. Buy it for Christmas, get it in January, then plan a trip to Etna asap!

The book can be ordered here: https://www.etnareport.com/

Magnus Reuterdahl

My top picks Adegga winter market 2019

If you’ve followed me over the years you’ll know I have a long time crush for Portugal and Portuguese wines. Every year, since about 7 years I’ve been to at least one edition of Adegga wine market. This is their 10th year running. If you haven’t been you should go! For dates keep an eye on their website their website or Facebook page.

Adegga 2019

 If you’ve followed me over the years you’ll know I have a long time crush for Portugal and Portuguese wines. Every year, since about 7 years I’ve been to at least one edition of Adegga wine market. This is their 10th year running. If you haven’t been you should go! For dates keep an eye on their website their website or Facebook page

Andre Ribeirinho Adegga
Andre Ribeirinho, Adegga

For the winter market I keep a special eye open for the fortified wines, the classic wines and new projects. I.e. some wines for Christmas consumption and some for the future.Castle Adegga

My favs of this Adegga edition, the 29th

The wines are in no particular order, but listed from style. They all are great buys!


  • Mouchão Sobremesa early bottle fortified wine 2015, ca 99.90€
  • Poças vintage port 2017. Ca 53.90 €
  • Quinta do Pôpa vintage 2017. Ca 49.50 €
  • José Maria da Fonseca Alambre 20 Anos. Ca 25 €
  • Kranemann vintage port 2009. Ca. 53 €

If you have money to spend or someone who deserves a very special Christmas present I do recomend Barros very old tawny 102. Ca 350 €.

Reds (tinto)

  • Adegamãe Dory reserva 2016 tinto. Ca 11.95€
  • Casa da Passarella. Villa Oliveira Pedras Atlas 2014 tinto. Ca 39€
  • Herdade do Rocim fresh from amphora 2018. Ca 34.50€
  • Mouchão 2013. Ca 39.90
  • Niepoort Bastardo 2017. Ca 30€
  • Chocapalha reserva 2017. Ca 13.50€
  • Quinta do Pôpa VV 2015. Ca 26.70€
  • Herdade Anta de Cima Alfrocheiro em Talha de Agilla 2017. Ca 15.50€
  • Quinta da Ramalhosa Alfrocheiro/Touriga Nacional 2017. Ca 14€
  • Rosa da Mata Rosa da Mata Alfrocheiro 2017. Ca 15€

Whites (branco)

  • Arinto do Açores 2018. Ca 23€
  • Chocapalha reserva 2017. Ca 14.20€
  • Soalheiro granit 2018. Ca 10.80€
  • Hugo Mendes Vital 2018. Ca 18€
  • Zarague alvarinho colheita selecionada 2018. Ca 10€
  • Quinta Maria Izabel 2017. Ca 21.91€
  • Quinta de Santiago alvarinho 2018. Ca 9.90€
  • Primado encruzado 2017. Ca 12€
  • Titan of Douro 2018. Ca 10€
  • Adegamãe viosinho 2018. Ca 8.45€

Sparkling wines

  • Martin Boutique wines Identitade IM extra brutto 2015 espumante (66.28). Ca 16€
  • Luis Pato espumante informal 2014 (32.2). Ca 25€
  • Luis Pato espumante vinha pan 2017 (32.1). Ca 25€
  • Niepoort Espumante Olo 2016 (39.3). Ca 13.65€

This year they also hade a corner with wines from Etna, Siclily. Really great stuff, my two favs were:

  • Benanti Etna rosso contrada monte Serra 2017 (68.2). Ca 35€
  • Vini Francetti Passopisciaro Etna rosso doc 2017 (68.9). Ca 26€

Normally I do my best to try everything, this event I didn’t manage. So keep an eye out for other wines as well! The wines are available at Adegga.pt at these prices for a short time, see here see here.

Magnus Reuterdahl

From Adegga with love!

Dear friends and fellow #winelover’s it’s time to go to Portugal, again. This a favorite  rerun though. I love Portugal and portuguese wines. A great reason for this is Adegga, a reason that gives me a chance to live through Groundhog Day over an over again but unlike Bill Murray’s part in the film, I love to come back to Portugal over and over again.

Portugal Lisbon (600x378)

Do you also love Portuguese wine? Then you should not miss the best Portuguese wine fair with focus on Portuguese wines – Adegga WineMarket Lisboa 2019! The festival general Andre Ribeirinho has led his portuguese wine ambassadors Daniel Matos and André Cid Proença for 10 years and soon 29 editions of Adegga wine fairs.

Andre Ribeirinho
Andre Ribeirinho, Adegga

This is the place to have great portuguese wines, use smart wine glasses, have some great Portuguese food and meet fun people. In additoin you will also get to taste some fab Etna wines!!!

This is the Portuguese wine event / party you must not miss!

Hurry up, buy a ticket to wonderful Lisbon and the Adegga wine market. Discover a wealth of Portuguese wines and go to a party at the same time. Let’s meet up on November 30th and have a few sips of fab wine! If you see a guy in a #winelover t-shirt – then it is probalaby me, come by and say hi!

Read more at https://pt.adegga.com/

#winelover #dinvinguide DinVinguide.se #Portugal #Portuguesewine #WinesOfPortugal


Magnus Reuterdahl


Wine trip – Marche 2019

Tomorrow it’s off to the Italian wine region Marche, together with the Circle of Wine Writers.

The focus of the trip is, of course wine. Visits includes the following wineries: Angeli di Varano, Azienda Agricola Bruscia, Cantina di Santi, Ciú Ciú, Cantine di Castignano, Vignetti Santa Liberata, Villa Bucci and Marotti Campi

The trip also include two matser classes, on the grapes Pecorino & Passerina grapes and on Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

We will also visit the Unesco heritage Urbino and the nature reserve Gola del Furlo that includes the Furlo Pass, a gorge on the ancient Roman road Via Flaminia.

No wine without food. Resturants on the trip includes Ristorante da Silvio in Sirolo, Antico Furlo, Lo Focarò and Hosteria dietro le Quinte.

It will be a blast, follow my trip on Instagram or Facebook.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Möt mig på mässan Vin i Linköping 2018

Imorgon 12/10 och på lördag 13/10 är det vinmässa i Linköping, Vin i Linköping 2018. Jag kommer att vara där tillsammans med några av mina kollegor från DinVinguide.se och Dryckeslistan.se och Sweden wine club.

Kom dit och möt mig, Fredrik Schelin, Anders Levander  & Michel Stetsko och prata vin, mat och webb. Jag kommer vara där under fredagen och mina kollegor kommer vara där bägge dagarna.

Vin i Linköping
Stanley Wong, mannen bakom mässan Vin i Linköping

Har du tid att fylla i en enkät om vin?

Om jag kan stjäla några minuter – får du gärna svara på denna enkät om vin. Du behöver inte vara proffs, det finns inget rätt eller fel.
Tim Hanni Mw (Master of wine) jobbar hårt på få så många som möjligt att svara på denna enkät som handlar om konsumenters val och attityder när det kommer till vin när det rör smak och smakkänslighet.

Om du kan offra några minuter är jag tacksam!


Magnus Reuterdahl

#16 på Social Vignerons top 20 wine influencers på sociala medier

Social Vignerons har gått igenom 2016 top 20 wine influencers på social-media i år igen. Jag hamnade på denna lista förra året och är med i år igen. Vilka är dom andra 19?

I toppen hittar man såväl institutioner som personer: Wine Spectator, Jancis Robinson, the Wine wankers med flera. På listan finns också flera av mina vänner i #winelover såsom the Winehub Luiz Alberto, Fabien Laine, Catherine Todd, Med Maker, Marlines Barbera och Ted Lelekas samt ytterligare några.

Listan utgår från klout och är givetvis sanningsenlig enligt dess logaritmer men inte enligt andra. Kul att nämnas i detta sällskap är det dock 🙂

Läs hela listan här.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Nedräkning Adegga wine market Lissabon

Då är det snart dags att åka till Portugal igen. Det är tredje resan som går dit i år. Jag har besökt Alentejo två gånger, Douro en gång och Lissabon två gånger. Portugal är ett utmärkt resmål, människorna är öppna och vänliga, många pratar engelska, vinerna är superba, när det kommer till mat är det framförallt skaldjur som sticker ut, det finns massor att se och det är förhållandevis billigt.


Detta är tredje gången jag besöker Adegga wine market i Lissabon, denna gång har man dock bytt lokal. Man har länge behövt en lite större lokal än den förra och i år kör man på Altis Grand Hotel. Datumet som gäller är den 5 december och vill du upptäcka vinlandet Portugal och samtidigt uppleva Lissabon är detta ett ypperligt tillfälle. Man har möjlighet att prova omkring 300 viner från 40 olika producenter, såväl stora som små. Detta är ett bra tillfälle att hitta nya favoriter och följa upp gamla. På DinVinguide.se kommer det komma ett par artiklar framöver. Länkar till några artiklar vi skrev tidigare i år på DinVinguide.se finns samlade här.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Några av de som jag ser fram emot att möta ser du på bilderna i detta inlägg. Är sugen på att komma eller om du planerar för en resa till Lissabon framöver finns lite tips på restauranger och barer här.

Magnus Reuterdahl

De nominerade till Matbloggspriset 2015

För fjärde året sitter jag i juryn till Matbloggspriset. Tillsammans med Fredrik Schelin och de andra i juryn har vi tittat närmare på kategorin dryckesbloggar. Efter en hel del diskussioner har vi valt ut fyra vinbloggar, 2015 är med andra ord vinbloggens år. Alla fyra är riktigt bra och jag rekommenderar dem varmt.


De nominerade o kategorin dryckespriset är 2015:
Vintomas blogg
Mad About Madeira​

Priset delas ut på Mitt köksmässan i Stockholm den 5 november 2015, 12.45-13.15 på Mitt kökscenen. Välkommen dit!

Nominerade i andra kategorier hittar du här.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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