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Hi and welcome! You have reached Aqua Vitae Magnus Reuterdahl’s wine blog – as you may allready have noticed most posts are written in Swedish, though there are also a few written in English. New posts in English are published at Testimony of a wine junkie.

I am also a part of DinVinGuide.se editorial board – a Swedish on-line web magazine on wine, drinks, beer and food.

Between 2012-2014 I also published a number of articles för BKWine Magazine.

Me I’m 41, I’m a #winelover ambassador and an archaeologist living in Stockholm and Linköping in Sweden. I write and blog about wine and sometimes food or other drinks and use the internet to find new friends and to share & find information on wine and dining.

This blog has been up and running since 2007 and is the product of mine and my fiancée, Anne’s, love for and interest in wine. The blog concerns the wines we drink, buy, store, and wish we could afford to buy. On occasion also about other recreational drinks such as beer, whisky, rum etc. We also write about the restaurants we visit, food, cooking and on food and beverages with a historical angle.

Though the posts are written by me, Anne helps out with tasting, commenting and proof reading.

In 2010 we attended the European Wine Blogger’s Conference (EWBC) in Vienna, in 2011 we attened EWBC in in Franciacorta, Italy and 2012 EWBC In Izmir, Turkey and 2013 Digital wine Comunications conferenace (DWCC) in Rioja and 2014 in Swiss.

Contact us via the comment function or via e-mail at aquavitae[at]live.se or via Twitter @Reuterdahl if you wants us to taste your wine, read your book or visit your winery etc.

Best wishes

Magnus Reuterdahl