Due to the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak several wine fairs has been postponed or moved to later dates. The last big fair that was held in Europe was Vinexpo Paris/Wine Paris in February. Also that was diffrent, since many Asian importers were not present due to this outbreak.

Vinexpo WOW ekologiskt

Necessity is the mother of invention and when sone oppurtunity close another opens. The last few days several ideas on-line wine fairs has opened up. This might be a way democratizing the wine fairs, to reach more and new groups of importers, resellers/retailers, wine buyers, wine drinkers etc.

Wine in Portugal digital wine fair

Andre Ribeirinho of the Portugese wine fair Adegga and Portugal wine week offers a digital wine fair, virus free, celebrating Portuguese wine.

Andre Ribeirinho
Andre Ribeirinho, Adegga

He says: the event will comprise of a live stream with interviews and there will also be the opportunity for producers to set-up private meetings with potential clients.

For me as a wine writer this might also be a great time to get new info as well for all who love Portugese wine. I say let’s buy lots of Portugese wine, taste em, talk to the producers, look a interviews and have your own booth at home. This might also be a cool evenyt for a wine bar focusing on Portugese wines – live stream it in your bar, and let your costumers follow while tasting wines from the producer or region he or she represent. Make it a happening!

Registrations and info is available on portugalwineweek.com. Participation is free both for wine producers and wine professionals.

More info is available in these two articles, here and here.

This is not the only one though!


Another friend and wine communicator is Fabien Laine in France. He has set up #THEONLINEWINEFAIR on Discord. To get on-board, click here.

Fabien Laine_Vinexpo2020Paris
Fabien Laine

Fabien describes it as a platform to help producers and importers. As for now it is a tool to share info and contacts as the fairs are not open. A giant online chat with different sections to bring together a maximum of producers and importers and to create a community.

It will be live 24 -7- 365
In times when climate change and sustainability is in focus and worry over the current virus stops events, going digital is a good way to contiune work. These new tools might also be useful in combination with future IRL events.
Magnus Reuterdahl