I love Portugal and portuguese wines, therefore I make sure to visit Portugal at least once a year. I also love portuguese wines so I make sure to taste a lot of them every time I visit there. One of the best oppurtunities to do so are Adegga festival and wine markets. Adegga does a number of these every year in diffrent places in Portugal and some times in other countries as well. Normally they host about 40-50 producers and 400-500 wines, from all over Portugal. This is a great chance to to taste current vintages and sometimes som old as well, to meet producers and get a good idea of what is going on in the wine world of Portugal right now.

Adegga is run by Andre Ribeirinho, Daniel Matos and André Cid Proença with thier team. Three great ambassadors of Portugal and portuguese wines. They also make great wine events.

Andre Ribeirinho, Adegga

I normally try to do a list of my favourite wines of the festival or wine market I visit. Partly for my own sake, partly to share with others and as a base for articles, most of which you will find in the Swedish on-line magazine DinVinguide.se (even though written in Swedish you can translate it by the transaltion tool).

My top 30 wines of the Adegga wine festival 2019

This year the Adegga wine festival had about 50 producers and 500 wines to taste. This is my pick of the litter, the best wines of the lot – according to me. You’ll find some cheap wines as well as some more pricey ones, though all are very good value wines. As it is summer, most of them are fresh whites, though some reds and fortified are also included in this list, as they are so good.

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The wines are listed as they were listed in Adegga’s listing and not from best to second best. Short taste notes are also included. In parentheses you will find Adegga’s order number, if you are intrested to read more about that click here.

  1. Adegamãe Dory branco 2018 – a very easy fresh wine, nothing complicated but perfect for a hot day (2.1)
  2. Adegamãe Voisinho 2018 branco – A fresh wine with some fruitiness and lots of minerals and some complexity. (2.4)
  3. Artinto do Azores 2018 – A wine with volcanic minerality, salinity with flavour the Sea, lemons and freshness, made for seafood. (3.1)
  4. Gouveio by joaninha 2018 branco – young, fruity and lush, with good structure and length (3.7)
  5. Quinta dos Carvalhais encruzado 2018 branco – This is a fresh, stringent and intense wine. Great for cheese and dried meats (5.10)
  6. Bachalhôa Greco di Tufo 2018 branco – This is a very balanced wine with som deepth. It is a really good versitile food wine. (7.3)
  7. Burmester extra dry branco fortified – A fresh, fruity and very well balanced wine with great acidity and dry finish. (9.4)
  8. Kopke branco 30 anos – White port is fab, old white port even better. I love the complexity, elegance and length of this. A pure joy! (9.11)
  9. Casa da Passarella O Oenologo Encruzado 2017 branco – This is a fresh, elegant wine with some complexity and a long finish. To grilled fish or sea food, or for a hot day in the shade. (10.7)
  10. Cortes de Cima rosé 2018 – A slightly different rosé. Almost orange or peach in color. Taste wise it is lush, floral and fresh. A wine for grilled fish or chicken. (13.5)
  11. Cortes de Cima Dois terroirs 2018 tinto – A versatile red wine that has both depth and freshness, goes with seafood as well as meat. (13.6)
  12. Esmero branco 2017 – This is a fresh, lovely wine with structure and some complexity. It is inviting and charming, a wine for the summer. (14.3)
  13. Esporão verdelho 2017 branco – A wine with taste of tropical fruits and lemon fruits, very fresh with a good acidity that lingers on. (15.4)
  14. João Portugal Ramos Alvarinho 2018 branco – Clean fresh and fruity. Nice acidity and some minerals in the finish. Slighty aromatic. Really fresh! (19.5).
  15. José de Sousa 2017 tinto – A red wine with some shoulders. Lush dark fruits, tight tannins, spicy. To meat. Long finish. Let it breath! (20.4)
  16. José Maria da Fonseca Alambre 20 anos fortified– No summer without some great moscatel. Dried fruits, nuts and a hint of chocolates. In this wine sweet flavours marry a great acidity, all in perfect balance. Deep, rich, long and lovey. (20.10)
  17. Monte da Raposinha 2018 branco – This a flavourfull wine with warm fruits backed with great freshness. A wine for food. (24.3)
  18. Picowines Terrantez do Pico 2018 branco – A wine with a flavour of intense lemon ´fruits. There is also that volcanic feel with hints of iodine, iron and Sea salt. It has a yeasty body, lots of structure and acidity. A special wine, to be enjoyed with or without food. intriguing! (27.4)
  19. Ferradosa unoaked branco 2017 – A structured wine with fine fruit and lots of freshness. Long finish with some complexity. To grilled fish, pork or chicken. Very food friendly. (30.4)
  20. Quinta Maria Izabel branco 2017 – Douro juice! Here is notes of stone fruits, lemons and herbs. A nice structure, richness and a long finish. It’s fresh wine that is a versatile food wine and a pleasure to sip. (33.4)
  21. Vicentino Alvarinho 2018 branco – A very fresh wine with warm fruits and some aromatic notes. In the finish is a dash of salinity and the Ocean. Very nice! (40.5)
  22. Sem Mal branco 2018 (João Camizão Rocha) – A different wine from Vinho Verde, lots of salinity, no filtration and a great taste. Try with aged cheese! (41.8)
  23. Herdade Anta de Cima Thala de Agrilla branco 2016– A rich wine with flavours of honeysuckle, a really nice dryness, round almost silky but still well structured. Complex and tasty. (42.3)
  24. Hugo Mendes Vital 2018 – A wine made on the grape vital. Unoaked. It is clean, very fresh wine and on point. It is easy but charming and has a very nice finish. (42.6)
  25. Quinta da Ramalhosa branco 2017 – This is a rich, fruity and fresh wine. It has a dry structure and good length, in teh finisih comes a refreshing salinity. Perfect with food such as chicken, pork and fatty fish. (42.9)
  26. Serra Oca branco (orange) 2017 – This a orange style wine more towards a natural wine. It is a complex and tasty wine with flavours of dried fruits, orange peel, herbs and spices. Though tasty it is still elegant and fresh. (42.14)
  27. Zarague alvarinho grande escolha 2017 branco – A very fresh and fruity vinho verde. Here are flavours with exotic fruits , especially passions fruit. Tasty, elegant and fun. A summer wine! (42.21)
  28. Blandy’s harvest malmsey 2012 fortified– This is a clean, fresh and tasty wine. It is still young but has hints of aging. It is elegant, complex and deep. This is a lovey wine for all seasons. (43.5)
  29. Niepoort Lagar de Baixo 2016 tinto – This is a fresh and charming summer red with structure and some grip. It is light and elegant, red berries, fresh herbs and earthy notes. To fish or meat, a refresher, a food wine or a wine to sip – lovely. It’s baga time! (44.4)
  30. Niepoort Bastardo 2017 tinto– This is a personal fav. Every vintage is different but always intriguing. In it the wild flavours are combined with structure and elegance. It is deep, fresh and complex, it is charming and elegant, it is Bastardo! This is a wine for contemplation and/or grilled meat. (44.12)

With these wines you will have a great summer!

Read more about this trip, Adegga, Lisbon and the wines I tased in these two articles at DinVinguide.se



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