It’s been a few days since I got the sad news that Angelika had passed away. It took time for that to really sink in. In a way it was not a suprise, still you always have hope for more time, a next visit or message, and in the end for a miracle. Hope never vanishes, until that dreadfull news hits you. Angelika was a fighter, always filled with hope and dreams of tomorrow.

I first met Angelika at my first European wine bloggers conference in Austria. She had a great personality, confidence and je ne sais quoi. She radiated self-confidence, knowledge and professionalism, at the same time she was open, friendly and happy to share her experience. She had integrity and took no bullshit. I liked her instantly.

A few years later she was part of the early adopters of the #winelover community. She always said what she thought, she shared ideas and wines on-line as well as on trips. She brought the best and most interesting grüner veltliners or other exciting austrian wines to our BYOB.
Then came the first news about her illness and news about her successes and setbacks. She never gave up, she was a fighter until the end. This was in very big part the reason behind the #winelover against cancer campaign. A cause that brought us together and gave us a deeper goal to work together with.
I remember her participation in Sicily with #winelover. At this time the sickness was obvious, but she was never weak, she stood tall like a princess talking on her struggles. She was a force. This is an event and a trip that I will never forget.

Next to this I have loving memories of her visits in Stockholm, where we had great wine, food and discussions, all the way to the end. I will always remember her positive attitude, her life force and will to live on.

She was an ambassador for wine, for Austria and it’s grapes but she was also an ambassador for Sweden and the culinary scene here. She wrote several great articles on Swedish food, restaurants and chefs. She had a love for Sweden and this was one of subjects we often shared ideas on besides wines.
I will miss you, Angelika and I will also always remember you fondly as a friend and as one of the great wine personalities I’ve met. Good bye, Auf wiedersehen, see you in the great wine cellar on the other side, sharing fab wines, food and memories into eternity.
Magnus Reuterdahl