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I want to start by saying that I have nothing against railroads or the expansion of railways. On the contrary, I think they should be expanded in order to reduce car and air traffic.


Having said this, I do not think you can sacrifice everything for this purpose, if the expansion instead destroys other natural or social values, one has to ask what is the most important. In this case, for me – it’s easy!

At the moment Italy plans to expand a portion of it’s railway network. In doing so they will destroy parts of a unique wine region. It is unique due to it’s size and placement. That is, one can not replace the area by just increasing it. By taking a part of it for other use you will indispensable destroy parts of an unique wine area for a very long time.


By building the railroad right through this area they will affect not only the current wine growers but also everyone who love wine, not in the least all who still have not had the chance to enjoy Lugana wine.

Lugana is a very small wine region just south of Lake Garda, Italy. It can be summed up in a few words: one grape – Turbiana, white wines, 1200 hectares of vineyards – lots of variation, acidity, minerality, elegance and ageing potential. I visted there a few months ago and in a few days I became a #turbianalover and #Luganalover! Then again you might need more words if you haven’t been there, read more here.

Fraccaroli (600x398)

All wine regions are unique so is Lugana. Part of that uniqueness is terrior, I know many does not like to talk about terrior but I think it has its place. Terrior comes from the differences in soil, clay versus sand, the ecosystem, differences in how the winds cools the vines and keep them dry, the elevation etc. but is also due to wine making choises in the vineyards and in the winery.  They do have one thing in common though, except the one grape, and that is the influence from lake Garda. With these tools they make wines with great diversity.

The wines are special and most of them are of really high quality, expressing Lugana, it’s history and it’s wine makers (some of them can be seen below). I was there a few months ago and tasted wines from most of the producers and it does not matter if they are large or small producers, traditional or experimental – basically no one lets you down. By slicing away a big chunk of Lugana, a big part of it will dissapear forever or at least for a very long time.

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As I stated above Lugana is about 1200 hectare viticulture, 2-300 hectares is threatened by the new railway – this is about  20-25% of the vineyards. I urge you to read about it, for example in Elisabetta Tosi’s article: Stop that train! Save Lugana wine at #SaveLugana or trough this this video.

The #winelover community supports Lugana and it’s winemakers in thier struggle to remain a uniqe wine region and to find a different location for the railway and so does the DWCC. Show your support by signing the petition, by sharing this post, the video or to write your own post!

I am a #Luganalover and a #winelover – are you?

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Magnus Reuterdahl