Några ord om ett spännande rumänskt vin jag provade i samband med DWCC för et par veckor sedan, publicerat på min engelska blogg Testimony of a wine junkie.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Testimony of a wine junkie

A few weeks ago I met Razvan Stoenescu in Chateauneuf-du-Pape on a press trip for the DWCC. He’s from Romania and brought a few wines from home. One of these was Cuvée Guy de Poix 2011 from Terra Romana made on the grape Feteasca Neagra, (the Black Maiden in English).

Razvan Stoenescu in Ch9dP (2)

It’s alway fun to taste wines made on grapes that I haven’t before, I also like tasting wines from countries and regions that are not all that known to me – I’ve had a few from Romainia but not many – so when Razvan asked if I was interested to taste this wine I said of course – took my glas and said fill it up!

This is one of the great things with DWCC and also with the #winelover community. You meet people online or on the conference, you build a connection that continues and when you meet up…

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