Ytterligare ett inlägg om mina äventyr på Sicilien tidigare i höstas – här om perricone och Cantine barbera

Testimony of a wine junkie

Not all things are what they seems to be, barbera is a grape but also the name of a winery in Menfi, Sicilia: Cantine Barbera and its wine maker Marilena Barbera.

Marilena is a passionate winemaker, in her own words she is perhaps more of an interpreter of the vineyard and the grapes, mentoring it on its way to become a wine. She became our wine and spirit guide through the microcosmos of perricone.

Cantine Barbera does wine that reflect the wine the vine and the grape wants to become, they do also in some way reflect the wine maker, but the aim is harmony. The philosopy behind Cantine Barbera is be natural, to let the grapes take in the terrior through the sourrounding ecosystems, by using the natural yeast (since 2010-2011) and only small amounts of interventions such as some sulfer and the end of the process if needed…

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