Bara en vecka tills det är dags att resa söderut till Sicilien 🙂
Magnus Reuterdahl

Testimony of a wine junkie

Who, where, what? To Sicily – the Elymians, the Sicani and the Siculi or Sicels are some of the known tribes living at Sicily in prehistoric times, way before the Greeks ever set foot on the island and most probably before the first vines were planted on what would be known as Sicily. Now this is not meant to be a history lesson but… the earliest archaeological evidence of human habitation goes back to circa 8000 BC and then people have come and gone.

To the important stuff, with people comes wine (and eventually #winelovers), in this case the Greeks. They were establishing settlements around 750 BC in different places of Sicily. If they actually brought the vines to Sicily or if it had existed before I don’t know, but it’s around this time it gets visible in the archaeological records.

Next week (2/9) I’ll be sitting on a plane to Sicily, more exactly…

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