I normally don’t write in English here, but this should be posted here – the reason will be obvious at the end. My English posts on wine are normally to be found here!

Ever really thought about that people might read what you write? Of course you do – and so do I. Most often you find out by comments or on occasion when you meet people IRL, and its a kind of ego-boast, especially if someone likes what you written.

On this note let me tell you a story that I heard to day on twitter via DM 🙂

A friend of mine – lets call him Noel – a wino just like me – that I might have met on happenings like EWBC, a wedding and on a trip to Etna.

Anyhow he was by chance in Siena the other day – killing some time while waiting for a flight to Florence: Now I’m quoting:

At one point he asked the girl behind the nearby counter how come she speaks so good English?

She answered: Cause I’m Swedish, from Stockholm. Ever been to Stockholm?

Noel: No, but I want to visit a friend there (you know you’re welcome!

She: How do you meet someone from Stockholm?

Noel: Through the wine world (long bla bla about what I do) and my friend Magnus, thats his name, has a wine blog in Sweden called Aqua Vitae (love that you remember the name of my Swedish blog!).

She: What? That Magnus?

Noel: What do you mean, ”That Magnus”?

She: Magnus Reuterdahl. I read his blog all the time! So what’s your name?

Noel: I’m Noel.

She: Did you marry in July?

Noel: huuuhm, yeah…

She: aaaah, on July 7th! I saw that in Magnus blog! 

It’s a small world and I’m loving it 🙂 Now I just want to know who my reader is!

Magnus Reuterdahl