I’ve been driving from Stockholm to Jönköping, an approximately 300 km long ride. Today was one of those fabulous autumn days, when the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the colours goes from deep green to yellow, red and brown. On our way south we stopped at some ancient monuments, some castles and churches to enjoy the weather, the sights and take some photos. On our way we brought a bottle of wine, to drink later tonight, that we made the centrepiece in these photos -. going from the Bronze Age to the Historic times, a roadtrip through the Ages with a bottle of wine in the centre.

The pictures comes in chronological order from a historic perspective and rather than geographical.

 At the Släbro rock art at Oppeby near Nyköping. The rock art is dated to Bronze age (ca 1500-500 BC).


The background is the Rök rune stone, dated to ca 800 AD

Another rune stone, this is found by Bjälbo church (Ög 66), dated to the Viking Age ca 800-1050 AD.


At Alvastra cloister ruin, the cloister was founded in 1143 and went out of business during the 16th century.

Two pictures taken at Tullgarn castle, the first in the stables, and the second in front of the castle. The castle as it is today was finished 1727.

The last two pictures are taken at Löfsta castle. The current castle was built between 1630-1660

The wine is a 2007 Merlot from Krutzler, Austria. How did it taste? I’ll get back to you all about that.

Magnus Reuterdahl