Much of the activities of the 2011 European wine bloggers conference was located in Brescia. The conference was held, as were several of the tastings, within Santa Giulia’s cloister walls but also on other locations such as the beautiful city hall, La Loggia. This post is not really about wine but rather on the city, or a rather small part of the city, mainly in the area between the museum and the city hall.

The Brecia I saw was a beautiful town that gave an impression of a small town with lots of history & art and a mix between ancient, old and modern. My Brescia is but a glimpse, but it’s how I saw it and how will remember it.

We lived some 20 minutes, by foot, from Santa Giulia and passed this tunnel several times, in a way it become the gateway to EWBC. A border between the modern and the old – as you walked through the tunnel you came from a more modern part of the town and entered into an older part of the city. A part of the city with wildling narrow streets, old houses, statues and ruins dating back to early Roman times.

La Loggia, the city hall and centre of regional government, is an impressive and somewhat oddly shaped building that presides over the city’s central square, where a market is held. In this building we had our gala dinner. The hall screamed gala, the wines did as well but food was perhaps not the highlight of the conference…

Emily Troutman (in the middle)

One of the highlights of the conference was the Saturday workshop held by photographer & journalist Emily Troutman. The theme of the workshop was storytelling through photography. She was in herself a delight, and through this work shop we got to see Brescia through another angle, the lens. We got an assignment; to take at least five photos or rather five different types of photos:

  • an action photo (in-motion),
  • a portrait (prefrebly of a stranger),
  • scenery,
  • a photo lying down (e.g. from an unconventional angle)
  • a close-up.

These were the five and some bonus photos! A technique that is applicable for a say a blog post, to do that a little planning is needed – this is perhaps more random. Well, this is my view of Brescia seen through the lens – but you’ll get a few bonus photos as well.

We always have Brecia and the memories of the EWBC 2011 – many thanks 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl