Inlägget kommer att översättas till Svenska inom sinom tid!

This is the first of a number of post based on the experiences of the European wine bloggers conference in Franciacorta just a few days ago. This post are in no way chronological but rather a series of rumblings on high notes and low. The biggest low is that I’m right now sitting approximately 2 538 km from Brescia, in Härnösand, Sweden, and all great experiences. The greatest high is all the fabulous people, those we new from before and those we met for the first time this year – hence the cheesy title and tune (though REM does quite a good job on it).

I never got to drink a chianti riserva from 1995 as Tyla of the Dogs D’amour but on the other hand I never ended up in the gutter either – but I ended up on the post tour to Chianti Classico – and what a post trip that was. As this first post is on love it gotta be on food – the way to man’s hart definitely goes through the stomach; and the food in Chianti was to die for as was the personalities that presented the food. Let me just start of with that I love Chianti wine – and we tasted some really good ones – I’ll get to the don’t worry – but not just yet.

I come from Sweden a small country way up north, our style is cooking is different, a bit rough but sturdy, as can be see on this video:

Really this is our Julia Childs – I promise 😉 – perhaps not, there are plenty of good food and several fantastic chefs in Sweden – but food taste best in its own environment.

I’ve got two examples of this on tape. The first at the winery Badia al Coltibuono in Chianti Classico where chef Andrea Gagnesi makes pappa al pomodoro, a tuscan tomato soup, based on Lorenza De Medici recipe. Now the video can’t give you the fantastic aromas from his kitchen but it gives away the recipe or at least most of it. The rest of the menu was fantastic as well 🙂

Next stop is at the restaurant Solo Cicca in Panzano, where the butcher-poet Dario Cecchini presented us with the “whole steer dinner”. Mama Mia!!! I could spend my life in happiness in his restaurant – just being brought meal after meal of amazement. The fantastic thing is that the tastes are so clean, so easy, but yet so concentrated and oh so fantastic – the company around the table wasn’t less so – a night to remember for sure. On this video Dario Cecchini shares some words on his philosophy.

Also many thanks for the many great wines we indulged to these two meals – more on them in a future post. My favourite for the night though was Chianti Classico Monterinaldi ”Mezzosecolo” 2007.

As I humble abode sit in my small hotel room far way up north eating what could best be described as a subway of sorts my memory goes wondering asking why are you not in Tuscany eating a succulent steer or tomato soup…

Magnus Reuterdahl