In October it’s time to enjoy the European Wine bloggers conference (EWBC) again, this time in Franciacorta, Italy. Me and my fiancée will be there, who am I – lets have look:

EWBC 2011 seems to be sold out any day now – last figure I saw was 27 tickets to go so – so if you haven’t decided yet – do so quick.

This means that its high time to follow upon the post European wine bloggers’ conference 2011 attendees (May 30th) and see who else is coming. As in my last post I link to those who has a added a blog adress at the EWBC homepage.

 First but not least big thanks to our hosts from Vrazon, see also Catavino and Wine Conversation.

At May 30th there were participants from 16 countries now it is from 20 countries.

Austria is represented by Julia’s GourmetsnapshotsHavel & PetzBurgWeine | ZettelkastenHaidu and Falstaff.

From Brazil Corvo Alexandra and vitorscape.

Canada is representedby Blog Research Results, perhaps not a wine blogger but bloggers nevertheless.

From Denmark comes Winelab (Mads Jordansen)  and Holmgårds (Rasmus Holmgård) blog.

France delivers Champange TarlantMmmm… ton vin!Next addition is Les 5 du VinVin et InternetIdeal Wine, Les saoureuses tribulations d’Audrey, the Vine Route, Tweet a Wine, Miss Vicky Wine and Vincent Petre.

From Germany Johner Wein Welten – Pinot World of wine , Tour du Vin Wine & Events – BlogWine-Check , Wein & WissenWinzerblog and Tour du Vin joins the party.

Telegourmet comes from Greece

From Hungary comes Vince and Zoli’s Wine blog.

From the green island comes the Irish wine blogs My grape escape and Kulinarisher Salon.

From our host country Italy comes a big bunch of bloggers, as expected; Bastianich the Buzz  & Bastianich Winery (Wayne Young), Quelli che il vino…,  Soavemente WineVinoromaConsorzio del FranciacortaForti del VentoWine TrueStuffilmQuerciabellaExploring TasteSlow Food Nord MilanoPeriodico Millevigne, Women in red… & whiteTrendy VinoArcipelago Muratori, EuposiaRivetto, VinixFermenti Digitali and Vino al Vino.

From the Netherlands comes, Caroline Henry’s Winzinwinebiz’s Blog, Mariëlla Beukers Wijnkronieken and Wine Talk Group.

Norway is represented by Aperitif.

Poland presents the wine blog Czerwone czy białe? and Viniculture.

From Portugal comes GotaepingaRicardo Bernardo’s blogCortes de CimaQuevedoRicardo BernardoAdegga and Sogrape.

Spain contributes with Bodegas Tintoralba blogVrazon and Wine Pleasure.

From Sweden we’ll attend as well as Livet I Languedoc (who could also represent France as he live there as well) and Michael Wising, see facebook groups below

Switzerland brings us Wine Defender and IKExperiencin.

From South Africa comes Jackson Donna from Haidu and Wisequeen.

From Suomi Finland comes the videobloggers Ilkka Sirén & Arto Koskelo of ViiniTV  and  Aleksimehtonen.

UK delivers Spittoon,  Thierry’s blog,  Three sheets to the wind, Confessions of a Wino (Alastair Bathgate)Wink’s Wine and Travel WorldBig PinotsDe long wine momentJim’s Loire , WineChapBerry Bros. & Rudd , Corkbin, Dillon Morrall, Brett the Wine Maestro, Wine Travel Media, Vrazon, Theirry, Wine Lines, Sip Swoosh Spit and The Morning Claret.

From the USA comes Diane Letulle and her Wine lover’s journalThe View From Orlando,  New Yorker Arnold Waldstein blogTravel+wine,  Robyn Bancroft aka Wine trip chick, (Tim Lemke), Vinously speaking (Veronique Barretto), The wine dog reviewWine trippingReign of terroirSchiller-wineWine TravelerGood Cheap VinoWendy Crispell WineNew York Cork ReportWine Bottle PixA Wine StoryTwin Cities Wine,  Able GrapeLuscious LushesWine – The View From Orlando20 Dollar WineSpas Wine & FoodDO BianchiReign of TerroirGeorge Taber and Emily Troutman.

Facebook groups/pages – add ‘em and like ‘em

Aqua Vitae – Magnus Reuterdahl’s vinblog (Michael Wising) a fellow Swede 🙂

Austrian wine

Outsiders – rocking the Languedoc wine scene


If I missed someone or if you find dead links etc. please let me know 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl