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What other blogs are attending the EWBC 2010? Part III – the final chapter

All tickets to the European Wine bloggers conference 2010 in Vienna are sold so this should be the final chapter of what blogs are attending, see part I and part II. As in part one  and two I link to the latest post of the wine bloggers blogs that will participate in EWBC 2010, and in this post I present the latest arrivals:

From France

Vintertnet – wine web agency is on vacation until the August 13th. – The Wine Notes on what version 1.1 is all about

Wine Brands Blog posts on; organic wine or not and the fact that EU has said not – good or bad?

Wine fair posts on cork or not to cork writes on the increase of taxes on wine in Ukraine

From Germany

Drunkenmonday Wein Blog goes spanish with two wines from 1991; Pesquera Reserva and Vina Pedrosa Reserva

Wine-check …eine gute Empfehlung posts on Sancerre, Domaine des vieux pruniers, 2008

From Hungary

Zoli’s Wine Blog posts on wine maker Jean Stodden from Ahr and his Spaetburgunder Auslese 2003

From the UK

thewinesinger Blog is concidering if investing in Bordeaux vintage 2009 is a good idea?

The Winesleuth, a California chick in London, posts on a Californian wine; Redwood Creek Wines

From USA

Leave it to Pscott presents himself in a most peculiar way; The fact that Pscott has had someone other than himself write an About Pscott page for his drinknotes says a good deal about his very particular nature. The fact that before doing so he presented that someone, a bartender who knows him only across the bar, with a four page handwritten list of What Not To Write About says a good deal more. posts on a twitter tasting of two types of Beaujolais wine

I have only included wine blogs in these posts; journalists, winerys, pr-marketers etc. that doesn’t have a blog or rather what I haven’t perceived as a blog has not been included in this listing. It’s very possible that I have missed a blog or misinterpreted the content of a post, if so please contact me at aquavitae[delete_this]@[delete_this]

See you in October in Vienna

Magnus Reuterdahl

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4 comments on “What other blogs are attending the EWBC 2010? Part III – the final chapter

  1. vinophil
    11 augusti 2010

    Hello Magnus,
    thank you for this interesting line of Articles

    Looking forward to the EWBC :))

  2. Magnus Reuterdahl
    11 augusti 2010

    Me too :D

  3. Tim
    14 augusti 2010

    Thanks for the mention, Magnus. I look forward to meeting you at EWBC. Cheers!

  4. Magnus Reuterdahl
    14 augusti 2010

    See you then :D


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