More wine bloggers have signed up to the European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010, so instead of updating my previous post I’ll make a part II (link to part I). As in part one  I link to the latest post of the wine bloggers blogs that will participate in EWBC 2010, and in this post I present new arrivals:

From Austria

Bernhard Fiedlers We(in)blog writes about blogs and the difference between blogging and journalism.

Burg Wein/Zettlekasten posts on Grüner Veltliner and chocolate

From Belgium

Marc Roisin  – Vin et Internet asks the question; if the bias in favouring Google Analytics alters our perception of the relative importance of different sources of the internet.

From France

O’Vineyards write about terrior and the importance of soil

Ostrea Edulis on Sherlock Holmesian Fish & chips

La Gramiere presents how to bottle Rosé La Gramière style

Le blog d’iDealwine sur l’actualité du posts on a world tour of vineyards at a fixed price.

From Greece

The te le Gourmet Chronicles posts on the news that footballer Andres Inesta of FC Barcelona has invested in a wineyard in Castilla La Mancha called Bodegas Iniesta.

From Hungary

Taste Hungary gives us a recipe on Tamás Bereznay’s Greek Lemon Cake

From Italy

Quelli che il vino… posts a conversation with David Palluda

From Portugal

Quevedo posts on rain, on roots and Douro

Vinixa writes about social media, wine 2.0, and how it can sell wine.

From Sweden

Per Karlsson from BKwine joins the ranks of us Swedes with the blog Wine Pictures from BKWine posting or perhaps rather sharing pictures of the village and vineyards of Ribeauville, Alsace, France.

From the UK

Spittoon – We spit so you can swallow  – posts on the Haidu revolution a new addition to the internet wine scene

Chêne Bleug – Adventures in Winemaking by Nicole Rolet  – on presenting wines to participants at the first Boerl & Kroff Snow Golf tournament in Gstaad.

From USA

Schiller Wine with one foot in Washington DC and the other in Frankfurt writes a post on Chrysalis Vineyards in Virginia.

D Vine Girl visits Creekside Cellars in the heart of downtown Evergreen and winemaker Michelle Cleveland was dynamic.

Elin McCoy, btw one of the keynote speakers at EWBC 2010, asks “Who doesn’t like to discover a new and unexpectedly refreshing wine?

Able Grapes and Garbled Peas posts on the work of updating Able Grape.

Arnold Waldstein – thoughts on social web, new markets, brand s and wine posts about Groupons and what’s next for Groupon.

1000 corks on The Farm Café in Portland.

and from the USA and Mexico comes Travel+wine with a post with a post title that sounds rather Scandinavian “Velkommen to Solvang, California! Enjoy the Wine”, and yes Solvang was founded in 1911 by Danish-American educators.

There is still 26 tickets to go for wine bloggers out there so I guess a part III will be up later on.

I have only included wine blogs in these posts; journalists, winerys, pr-marketers etc. that doesn’t have a blog or rather what I haven’t perceived as a blog has not been included in this listing. It’s very possible that I have missed a blog or misinterpreted the content of a post, if so please contact me at aquavitae[delete_this]@[delete_this]

Magnus Reuterdahl