At this blog I normally write in my native tongue, Swedish, but I’ll make an exception for a few post, when they concern the European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 (EWBC 2010). These events give you an opportunity to find new blogs and of course meet new people, irl and online, to interact with. I’ve visited the blogs that so far has signed up, my German is unfortunately not as good as it should be but hopefully good enough to be passably skim over the German-language blogs. For the French, Spanish and Italian bloggers my language skills are unfortunately too sketchy, but google translate have helped me to get at least an overview.

The following bloggers will attend the EWBC 2010 in Vienna Austria, presented with their latest post:

From Austria

Herrenhof Lamprechts posts are available in German or English, this one is about weed (though not the type you smoke)

Havel & Petz enjoys the summer time

Uncorked in the Alps posts about MW Symposium 2010 Forging Links: Wine on the Web

Weinfreunde Unterland – Eine Gruppe von Weinliebhabern aus dem Tiroler Unterland tried several good wines on July 23rd. What about a sip of Mouton Rothschild 1971?

From Germany

Wine on the rocks reports on three days of debauchery and serious liver killing in Vienna – a rock ‘n’ roll approach to wine and Vienna – something to look forward to in October?

Winzerblog shares the colour of a wine yard

From Holland

Wijnkronieken writes about the famous wine cellars of Massandra

From Hungary

Baking in Stilettos (great name) writes about the cucumber season in Hungary and Aunt Dee’s pickles (in English)

From Israel

Wine tasting has notes on four vintages of Pontet-Canet

From Italy

Aristide informs us that the Italian wine blog Vino al Vino is taking some time off.

Vino Pigro ask if it is time for wine bloggers to get professionalised.

From Portugal

Adegga is a social wine discovery about wine, whit a community, a forum, a blog – there’s lots to discover in several languages. In their blog is a post on Bib’s

From Spain

Cata Vino, one of the organizers behind EWBC, writes about The First Electrically Defined Wine

From the UK

De Long’s Wine info presents a wine map of Sicily, Italy.

Confessions of a Wino (another blog great name) writes about wine; Château Rauzan-Ségla, 2006

Wine Travel Guides Blog about World Wine Tour 2010 Travels in Asia

Brett The Wine Maestro writes about one of my favourite wines, though I haven’t tasted the 1994 vintage

Wine conversations shocks us all when reviling that a wine blog helps to sell wine

From the USA

Wine Lover’s journal gives us a report on the Weekend des Grands Amateurs, Bordeaux

Wine Tripping has a nice day tasting a Spanish ledged; Vega Sicilia

The reign of terroir (more blog great name) posts an iinterview with Jason Lett of The Eyrie Vineyards

Sassy sips NYC (yet another witty name) have Riesling problems

The wine dog review is really five blogs or five blogs in one – are you ready for the Wine Dog Bootcamp?

TheWineBlog/the WineHub – has a post on  Argentine wine

I have only included wine blogs in these posts; journalists, winerys, pr-marketers etc. that doesn’t have a blog or rather what I have perceived as a blog has not been included in this listing. It’s very possible that I have missed a blog or misinterpreted the content of a post, if so please contact me at aquavitae[delete_this]@[delete_this]

More bloggers has signed up, see part II

That’s all folks – See you in October

Magnus Reuterdahl